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It’s amazing how much of an energy boost a refreshing holiday weekend is. I feel absolutely invigorated, and my ability to be productive is back. That’s one thing I’m horrible at: quality relaxation. Especially when things get busy, and I need the relaxation the most, it is hardest to make myself really relax.

Like many people, I tend to come home tired after a full day at work, and after running and making dinner I end up sitting in front of the TV to “relax”. For me watching TV is not particularly relaxing, though. For the first few minutes of an enjoyable show it is great to lean back in the couch and let go. After about a half hour I’m as relaxed as I’m going to get in front of the TV, and from there on out I’ve got diminished returns. Unfortunately, most dramatic TV shows are an hour so I spend the last half hour torn between missing the end of the episode and wanting to do something. That’s not conducive to relaxing. Plus, I’ve seen newspaper and magazine articles summarizing studies about TV watching that basically find that the visual and auditory stimulation of the TV does not actually allow the brain to relax. So apparently it really is more relaxing to sit and read than watch TV, but we are just drawn to that stimulation.

This past holiday weekend was full of hiking, family time, couple time, reading, puzzles, running, walking, getting massaged, singing, yardwork, a little bit of TV, and just plain introverted home/me time. Plus with “no” pressure, I started working on my winter purge, which always makes me feel lighter, and one of the projects that has been looming over me, thus hopefully making this week less stressful.

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