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Nutrient Deficiencies, or Wow My Vitamin D Is Low!   1 comment

Today I had a followup appointment with my naturopathic physician after the results of most of my tests came in. It was slightly depressing seeing the list of nutrient deficiencies or borderline deficiencies. This is why when people tell me that I live a healthy life, I have to disagree. I know that this is normal, but that doesn’t exactly make me jump for joy. It would have been so nice to find out that my nutrient levels are all great, but I suspect that around 99.9% of the world’s population (if not more) is deficient in something.

My doctor started things out with a bang with the first results she handed me, from the lab where my vitamin D and thyroid hormone tests were done. Despite not wearing sunscreen for my regular day-to-day routine (sunscreen interferes with the body’s ability to create vitamin D from sun exposure) and having cereal with vitamin D-fortified milk almost every morning during the week, my vitamin D results were 23 ng/ml, compared with an optimal range of 30-100 ng/ml.

Not surprisingly, I am also deficient in vitamins B1, B6, and B12, and the lab’s metric for overall antioxidant function. I’m borderline low for thyroid hormones T3 and T4, folate, copper, and three amino acids: serine, glutamine, and choline. My glucose-insulin interaction is above borderline levels, but considering that I’m planning to get pregnant it is not so high that there’s no risk. On the plus side, my vitamin C, zinc, calcium, and pantothenate levels look really good. In the coming days I’ll do more research into my results. I am, after all, a proponent of being actively involved in my own health care. For now though, I brought home a bag of supplements (including a huge 7 pound bottle of whey powder).

I hate taking supplements. But seeing as how I am planning to get pregnant, I do understand the importance of raising key nutrient levels in my body before the parasite sucks them out for his or her own growth needs. (Romantic view of pregnancy, huh, but isn’t it technically true?)

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