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They Really Don’t Have Recycled Content?   Leave a comment

Here’s a great example of how you can’t make assumptions when it comes to “conscious living”.

For years now I’ve made the assumption that when buying something made of metal there is a good chance that some percentage of the material is recycled metal. Given that metal recycling is fairly common and makes business sense (can be cheaper than mining), it seemed to make sense that the recycled material would make it into the general material stream. However, I’ve recently encountered a case that indicates my assumption is wrong.

I’m in the process of getting curtains for our master bedroom. As a starting point for the hardware, I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond’s website and browsed to see if it was even possible to do what I had in my head. They had lots of options that would work, but before I ordered anything I decided on a whim to search for “recycled metal curtain hardware”. Lo and behold several websites popped up! As I looked at several of them I started wondering how much of the “eco” claims by these retailers are just marketing spin, or if they really are offering a different product. Remember, I was assuming that the rods in BB&B’s stock would have some recycled content as well. So I sent an email to BB&B asking if their curtain hardware contains any recycled metal content. It took a few days since they had to relay my question to the buyer, but the final answer was a simple “unfortunately no.” I was surprised at that, but I guess now I know that even when it comes to easily recycled metals there is no room for assumptions. It is entirely possible that my assumption is correct and each curtain rod has maybe 2% recycled metal content, but if it is not tracked and verified it does not really matter (for marketing anyway). Without some degree of tracking, someone could easily claim 90% recycled content when the reality is 9%. Sheesh, I just reasoned my way into having to figure out how to make sure that I’m not falling prey to greenwashing claims before I buy anything.

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