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Purge To a Simple Life?   2 comments

During this year’s winter purge/Advent season I have also been thinking about discernment of my calling. I feel very strongly drawn to simplifying my life, and in the last few years have been working towards that overarching goal. I thought maybe this year I’d look at purging not just my physical stuff, but also my routines and commitments.¬†Unfortunately I have a really hard time with this kind of purging.

A couple of years ago I started shedding myself of commitments, and at the time all of my commitments were shed-worthy. They were organizations that just weren’t justifying my level of activity, so I dropped them or significantly curtailed my activity. Now, however, I have picked up new commitments (nature abhors a vacuum?) that I love, and so I am torn between conflicting desires. For years I have wished every week at Mass that I could sing in a choir again, so when the opportunity arose I jumped at it. It’s most certainly not an ideal situation since I end up cantoring much of the time and I am not happy/comfortable with that, however, since the alternative is to give up something that gives me great joy and go back to wishing that I were doing what I am doing right now… I think putting up with a non-ideal situation is best because at least then I do get the times of pure unadulterated joy when I get to sing my heart out. Similarly, I have wished for a setting for group prayer since college and finally last year I realized that I need to step up and organize it instead of wishing. So now I am nominally in charge of a weekly prayer (intentions, contemplation, and meditation) group. Unfortunately, these things pull me away from home, and I am a homebody at heart. Being away from home is stressful and one of the hallmarks of a simpler life is to not be always rushing around to outside commitments. I don’t know how to balance these competing desires.

And then there’s simplifying life in the home. I know that I should theoretically be able to do this. I am notorious for making life difficult on myself, and that is the root of the problem. This is a very long process and I’m barely in the middle of it. As much as requesting help would be a good idea, I also know from experience that I’ll get defensive and resistant to any help that might come my way. I guess that’s part of the challenge of life: the things we most need help with are the very things that we are least willing and able to accept help with.


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