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It’s Alive! The Tree Is Alive!   4 comments

(This post is part of the Down-To-Earth “On My Mind” feature.)

That was my exciting thought of this morning. I was making my breakfast smoothie, looking out the kitchen window, when I realized that there were blossoms on one of the mystery trees. We’ve got seven trees in our back yard: one jujube, one nectarine (at least I think so), one dead lemon, one living lemon (maybe), one living unknown-possibly-citrus, and two that we don’t know either what they are or whether they are really alive. Now at least we know that one of them is alive, and hopefully we’ll find out what it is. I raced out with my camera to take these photos. The white blossoms are the mystery tree, and the pink blossoms are what I think is a nectarine tree.

As I took these photos I realized that I need to spend more time looking for beauty in the back yard, it is kind of neglected. My energy has been focused on the front yard because it is easier, ready for me to create the yard I want with no jack hammer rental required. The front yard already had beautiful rose bushes to entice me out as well. And for both positive feng shui and thinking ahead to future resale, the front yard is key. So the back yard still has the old mirrored closet doors we removed from all the bedrooms, and the pile of lumber and metal from the sketchy awning the previous owners had, and the ugly storage shed, and a lot of concrete. While it really makes sense to focus on the front, I need to remember to pay attention to the back yard so that I’m ready when its turn comes.


Posted March 10, 2011 by mayakey in gardening

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