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Starting The New Year With Less Dead Weight   Leave a comment

The run up to the start of a new year is, in my opinion, a great time to declutter and start the new year without a little of the “dead weight” that we accumulate over time. Some of this decluttering is easy, at least if done regularly. Sorting through clothes, getting rid of more cookware with non-stick finishes, passing on unused decorative items, or sending old books out to find new readers are all relatively easy steps. In my annual purge I’ve so far managed to get through the entire house except for the side yard and the office, and the clock is ticking down with one day remaining before winter solstice.

But in addition to the physical purging, some mental purging may help usher in a better new year as well. Anyone like me have a crazy backlog of “projects” waiting to be done? They do weigh me down, I have to confess. So in the last day of the purge as I tackle the office, where the physical manifestations of many of these projects reside, I’ll try to let go of some of those projects. This is especially important this year since we’re at 15 months of trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. A child is a life change, and what if ┬áthe piles of little “projects” in my office are making my life too full and not leaving “space” for a child? I’ve been saying that it’s not a problem, but that could be denial. Isn’t there some kind of saying about keeping open space in your life so that there’s room for new things?

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Iiiiiit’s Purge Time   Leave a comment

This weekend kicked off my annual winter purge. Between Thanksgiving and Winter Solstice every year I go through the entire house searching for things that are no longer needed/wanted. This is a tradition that I started when I was first living out on my own, seeking to define my personal traditions. It started as a quest to give meaning to New Year’s, which wasn’t working for me deep inside. I’m not a fan of tradition for tradition’s sake, or doing something because that just what you do. New Year’s seemed arbitrary and meaningless in my life. Since I establish goals on my birthday/half-birthday (February and August), I can’t even remember the last time I did typical New Year’s resolutions. Also, I consider myself somewhat of an earth-child, so to me the new year starts on solstice when the days start getting longer. I studied lots of cultural traditions and decided that I like the Chinese and Jewish traditions of cleaning the entire house to start with a literally clean slate. But cleaning makes more sense to me in spring and fall, not when it is truly freezing outside. De-cluttering makes perfect sense to me, though, especially in light of the gift-giving that occurs a few days after the solstice on Christmas. Instead of getting rid of dirt, I am getting rid of clutter and excess so that I can make room to accept what comes my way in the new year (literally and figuratively).

One of my personal frustrations is STUFF. I feel like I just have to much stuff and clutter around, but can’t seem to just clear it all out. This exercise is very liberating for me where I make myself look at every single thing that I own and make a conscious decision to keep it. It’s amazing that after 8 years I can still walk into a room, look around and see something that makes me think, “Why do I still have this?” Even after last year’s extra-large pre-move purge, then the inevitable packing and unpacking purges, I have already found things in the bedroom and kitchen that can be given away.

It’s Saturday evening right now, and I’ve already gone through the easy rooms: bedroom/bathroom, living room, and kitchen/dining room. Those aren’t the rooms where stuff accumulates. I am very conscious of the negative feng shui of clutter and typically do a good job of keeping clean the room that I wake up in and the room where I spend my relaxing time. My curse: the office. I am a paper clutterer. I keep newspaper articles and magazines. I have piles of stuff on my desk that are paralyzing me right now and making it nearly impossible for me to manage our finances because of the resulting mental blockages. It will probably take me through December 19th to finish this one room.

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