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One of the blogs that I read regularly, Ask An Organic Mom, is doing a conscious kitchen challenge to promote her new book. I’m taking the challenge and posting my results here. The first week was a self-exam, the second was about shopping, the third was about fruits and vegetables, and the fourth is about meat. I haven’t read her book, so the challenge is limited to what she posted in her blog.

The first part of the meat challenge is easy for my husband and I. Eat less meat. Check. We rarely cook meat for dinner more than once a week at home, and usually cooking meat entails throwing one sausage apiece into a stir-fry or having a sausage on the side of some other dish. When we go out for dinner (once or twice a month, typically) we do eat meat most of the time, and when we go over to our friends’ house every Saturday dinner always revolves around meat. My lunches rarely include meat since I’ve stopped eating frozen lunches, and my husband’s lunch varies as far as the meat content goes.

Conscious shopping for meat has been a priority for me for about a decade, but I didn’t really buckle down and get really serious until the last year. When I bought meat previously (at the grocery store) it was always organic, but I didn’t make sure that it was free-range (which is a totally meaningless word anyway). Now the only beef I buy is grass-fed. Thankfully I never buy chicken so I haven’t had to figure out a way to buy good chicken (my understanding is that most of the chicken labeling is green washing).

We recently got two beef vendors at our farmer’s market; and at least the first one is grass-fed organic local beef. We have purchased a couple of packages from them so far, and plan to continue doing so. There is no other meat sold at our farmer’s market. I believe that there is a meat CSA or cooperative near Sacramento, but we don’t eat enough meat (or have freezer space to store) right now to justify such a regular source of meat. When we move into our new house I understand we will inherit a chest freezer from my in-laws and will hopefully soon be able to fill it with a half or quarter cow (or any form of meat other than poultry). I do need to ask questions at the grocery store when I buy pork, lamb, or buffalo to verify that the meat is consistent with my values, so that is my challenge for now. I find raw chicken disgusting and plan to continue avoiding it for the foreseeable future, so I don’t have to think about that labeling mess.

A note on the sausage. We buy all of our sausage from Whole Foods, sometimes fresh and sometimes packaged, so it’s at least not the worst sausage. I personally give sausage a lot of leeway since I consider it to be my carcinogen of choice (some people smoke, others tan, I eat sausage). I am honestly afraid to ask too many questions about the sausage ingredients since I don’t want to restrict my choices. I also have no intention in the near future of trying my hand at sausage making. So not practical for my life right now.

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