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Welcome to my  blog experiment. I hope this blog will be a tool to help me follow my calling to “conscious and conscience living” and to help others by spreading the knowledge and inspiration that I gather on my journey. It is hard to sum my calling in a few words, but a while back I developed a personal mission statement.

My life is dedicated to living consciously and with conscience, bringing positive energy and peace into the world. In this pursuit I strive at all times to be aware of myself, of those around me, and of the impacts of my decisions on both people and environment everywhere. As my awareness and knowledge grow, so does my responsibility. I am only one person and I certainly can’t do everything, but I can still strive to bring positive energy and peace into my immediate world. In order to stay true to my calling I follow a “quadruple-bottom line”, which is a variant on the “triple-bottom line” applied in business. My quadruple-bottom line is: finances, environment, society, and spirituality.

So why the title?

I believe very strongly that love makes the world go round. I am proud to be one of those people with rose-tinted glasses. I am committed to bringing positive energy into the world and as such I believe in the power of smiles, hugs, kisses, affirmations, prayers, beauty, faith, and hope. In short, the power of love.

I fully admit to being a know-it-all who actually knows very little, and who loves to share my tidbits of knowledge. For some reason my friends seem to actually like hearing my tidbits of knowledge. (I guess that means I haven’t crossed the line into obnoxious, and I hope I never do.)

Ask most of the people who come into contact with me on a frequent basis, and I think they will tell you that I am passionate about my calling (at least that’s my perception). Ask my husband and he will probably grumble a little bit about it since it can be very inconvenient. The many specifics can wait for another time, but that passion is what drives my journey.

Courage is a prerequisite for anything that is not mainstream. Courage is needed to be yourself and follow a calling. It takes courage to make the first leap, and the second, and the third. I don’t think I’m a very courageous person, but I try. I am driven to try. I stumble and sometimes I don’t get up. For me this blog is an act of courage, despite the fact that I am cowering as I write this.

I hope you enjoy and get something out of following my journey.

Posted February 24, 2010 by mayakey

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