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“To be alive means to find one’s identity in the togetherness of the community. To be alive means to reveal with varying levels of fulfillment one’s surrounding community in every action, feeling, or idea one experiences.”

Brian Swimme & Thomas Berry. The Universe Story. (p.134)

I am currently reading this book that is, to attempt to summarize, creating a new mythology based on current human experience. With our scientific discoveries and cultural advances, our understanding of the world around us is very different than that of ancient cultures, and yet there is so much that is still mystery. I’m only about halfway through the book, but this quote above epitomizes why I chose to read the book: it provides a scientific and cultural argument for the belief “All Is One”. That’s the belief that we are all one with each other and with the universe as a whole on a very deep level. All species, all parts of life are connected to each other in some way. We don’t function in a vacuum but rather in the vibrant community of the universe. Our decisions are affected by the people, things, and conditions around us; and our decisions affect the people, things, and conditions around us. The book makes the fascinating point that literally at the beginning of the universe all matter was one, and that our current human experience is based on previous creations through human, primeval, and unversal history. The creative forces of the universe are amazing. This book is not an easy read, there should be a side version for the non-scientist, but it is so very spiritually fulfilling.

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