Pregnancy Task List Item: Get Lost In a Book   1 comment

After spending several hours this past Sunday curled up on the couch enjoying a wonderful book, I realized that this should actually be on the to-do list while pregnancy. Maybe it would have been good if I’d been outside ripping out the front of the lawn, or figuring out if/which birthing class to take, or cleaning the kitchen to hopefully make it smell less stomach-churningly bad. But then again, in a few months, after Baby is born, I won’t have a chance to spend hours immersed in a book sans interruptions. At least not for several years. So I hereby declare that lots of reading time is now a priority item for the next few months.

This has been a new experience for me, this permissible laziness. Well, new since the start of adulthood anyway. Not that I haven’t had plenty of lazy time reading books in one sitting, watching all-day TV marathons, or other things like that. But most of the time I try to balance it and actually be “productive”, living actively, and trying to make the life that I dream of. Life seems to go in these cycles. Childhood is, or should be, a period of relative carefree-ness. Then adulthood gets busier. College was fun-busy during the school year, and then relaxing in the summer. It’s easy to come home from a summer job, do some yoga and reading, and relax when you don’t have to cook dinner, pay bills, or otherwise be “responsible”. Working that first full time job while also carrying the responsibilities of independence is a shock. For my part, I compensated by being as lazy and unproductive as possible while still meeting my responsibilities. But that means zero progress toward creating the life of my dreams. Then, boom, I meet my future husband and all of a sudden there isn’t enough time in the world. Life gets busy, really busy. There’s the dating, wedding planning, honeymoon planning, buying a house, and then working on starting a family. But there’s also making up for lost time working towards the life that I want to have. And now, a hiatus. A forced hiatus at first, given that for a couple of months I barely managed (ok, didn’t manage) to get all the bills paid on time and checking account in the black because I was just so exhausted all the time. I will be eternally grateful that Mike took over all of the dinner cooking responsibilities and still did the dishes afterwards (as well as picking up much of the rest of my slack). I would have starved otherwise since my nose dictated minimum kitchen exposure. And now that I have some of that energy back, I still just think that rather than a time of being busy “preparing” for life with Baby this needs to be the calm before the storm. The preparations will happen in due time, but the calm can’t be rushed or put off until later.

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  1. So true! I haven’t sat down to open a book, much less read it in over 9 months. I wonder when I’ll get that chance again? Enjoy what you’re reading šŸ™‚

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