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“You got your hair cut!/Did you cut your hair? It looks great! Did you donate it?” That has been the almost universal greeting that I have received in the last two weeks since cutting my hair. My mother-in-law commented this weekend after hearing a few people great me like this (and having our priest call me out during his homily as an example of sacrificing for others) that from the reactions you’d think that the whole purpose of growing my hair and then cutting it short was to donate it. I know other people actually do that, although in this case it was just a side-benefit of my “hair plan” to grow it out as long as possible and then cut it super short.

It is absolutely heartening to hear that so many people know about hair donation, and I think it would suck to be the person who cut off several inches of hair but DIDN’T donate it and would have to repeatedly say so. I have to say that hair donation may be the most successful social marketing campaign ever, all the more impressive as the popularity began long before Facebook etc. made social marketing part of our conscious lives. It seems that everyone knows that when you cut long hair, you can donate it. I’m most familiar with Locks of Love, and that’s where I donated mine (and my husband’s hair, which had been sitting in the to-do pile since he cut it two days after our wedding). But I just did a quick web search and at least two other organizations came up in the results, both also creating wigs for kids/women who have lost hair due to medical problems.


Posted March 5, 2012 by mayakey in personal care

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