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Several years ago I decided to try using a dryer ball. They are supposed to reduce the drying time by keeping the clothes fluffed and agitated, and they are also supposed to reduce static and make the clothes come out of the dryer nice and soft. I can’t really testify to the first, not having ever taken the time to time my dryer loads with and without a dryer ball, but I’d like to think that I did notice a decrease in the time to dry. I can say that the clothes do come out softer, and I haven’t had a problem with static cling (not that I had much of a problem before trying the balls). At the time I just added the dryer balls to an order from Gaiam. They were egg-shaped with nubs all around, and really looked like a dog’s chew toy. I don’t remember how much they cost, but it wasn’t very much. I used the balls for several years in every single dryer load until one finally broke into pieces. We continued using just one because Mike and I were engaged in a long discussion about how to replace it. Gaiam was only selling a more expensive dryer ball with a slot for a fragrance stick, which I had no interest in. Other dryer balls on the internet don’t say what kind of plastic they are made from, so I can’t know if they contain PVC. I wanted to try tennis balls, but Mike was afraid we’d get tennis ball lint on our clothes. Finally we decided to try racquetballs, which I think are made of rubber and so okay by me. We’ve been using the racquetballs for several weeks now and I can say that they work just as well as the specifically designed dryer balls. As someone with long hair I actually find an advantage to the smooth racquetballs over the nubby dyer balls: loose hairs don’t get tangled in the nubs and slice the nubs off in the dryer. The only difference we’ve noticed is that the racquetballs are much noisier. The dryer ball just sounded like a muffled thump-thump; the racquet balls make quite a racket! Like someone is playing a game of dryer racquetball! 🙂


Posted September 5, 2011 by mayakey in energy use, frugal living, home, resource use, shopping

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