Compost Trials: And We’re Back to The Heap   Leave a comment

So back in June I posted about our compost heap, and at the time I was planning to go back to pit composting for the summer to avoid any issue with odor or gnats/flies. That worked, very briefly. Unfortunately since we aren’t regularly watering that patch of grass it soon became baked hard. As in: I spent 45 minutes digging one day and got 6 inches. We don’t have a pick, and I’m not inclined to buy one just so I can continue on this ridiculous project of pit composting. So we’re back to using the heap. The plan is for me to keep sufficiently ahead on my yard work that I have enough dirt/yard waste waiting to cover the kitchen waste right away so it retains some moisture and doesn’t attract so many flies. Theoretically I could start pit composting in early winter before the ground becomes soggy again, but let’s be honest: it’s not likely to happen. Sometimes my lazy streak wins out. Yeah, it would greatly improve the fertility of that patch of soil, but at what (labor) cost? I watched my dad go round and round the yard for my entire childhood and if there was any significant improvement, I never noticed it.

I am dreaming very hard of starting my worm bin now, since I think I can do it cheaper than the cost of a compost bin, but there are so many projects going on now that for now it will stay a dream. Besides, since Mike won’t let me do it in the house it’ll have to be in the garage and the temperature fluctuations out there may still be to large.

Posted August 27, 2011 by mayakey in gardening

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