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One of the first steps in my personal energy audit is to do a device count. By this I mean list out everything you own that uses some form of electrical or chemical energy. This includes everything that has plug, is hard wired into the house electrical system, uses a battery, uses natural gas, uses gasoline, etc. Chemical energy in the form of eating doesn’t count (so our human-powered push mower is not on the list). 🙂 This exercise always awes me, although since we keep a detailed inventory it’s not as dramatic as the first time I did this exercise.

Last time I did this I was living alone, was just a year out from getting my masters degree, and was still in the final throes of getting out of debt from grad school. My device count was 43 items. This time I’m married, living in a larger house, and have accumulated a lot of stuff in the intervening years. The device count is more like 127 items. The size of the list doesn’t shock me. I actually thought it would be higher. Since I have a love affair with spreadsheets my list is in a spreadsheet with columns for item, room, type (battery, hard-wire, etc), and usage frequency. Over the next month I’ll be adding numerical data for the amount of electricity used.

What’s your device count?

Posted August 2, 2011 by mayakey in energy use, home

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