Who Needs Aerosol Shaving Cream?   Leave a comment

Aerosol shaving cream cans have two uses:

  • Shaving
  • Plinking

The latter is definitely more important.

For our first Christmas when my husband and I were dating I gave Mike a shave soap, a bowl, and a shaving brush. I was really nervous about giving such a gift, afraid that it might be too granola for him. But he liked it and uses it regularly. In fact he’s used up a couple bars of soap and we’ve even had to replace the brush. He still uses aerosol cream when he’s in a hurry or when shaving his head or tattoos, but a lot of the time he uses the “old fashioned” soap and brush.

I can’t even remember the last time I bought an aerosol shaving cream can for myself; for that matter, I can’t remember when I bought my previous tube of shave cream. That’s one of the benefits of shave cream: it is super concentrated so a little goes a long way. Originally, one of the major reasons that I switched from aerosol to cream was because I was tired of knowing how much product was being wasted once the can ran out of propellant. I remember popping the top off of an exhausted can once and just being amazed at how much product/foam was left.  One tube of shave cream lasts significantly longer than a can of shaving cream, and when the tube is empty it’s empty. There’s no wasted product. The other reason that I switched originally was to avoid propellants. While CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) can no longer be used as propellants, the hydrocarbons that are used instead aren’t really inert. While I’ve never heard of anyone huffing shave cream, I try to avoid products that require a propellant. Usually there’s no mention of what propellant is being used, and so no way to know what health risks there might be. And in the case of shave cream, the propellant is completely unnecessary since there are propellant-free products that work as well or better.

The shave cream that I’m using now is made from organic and fair trade ingredients, smells great, and works like a dream. You lather it up with your fingers, so that unlike the foam-from-a-can, it actually gets all around the hairs and makes shaving easier. My only wish is that I could still find a shave cream in a recyclable metal tube, and not just plastic tubes.

Posted April 29, 2011 by mayakey in personal care

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