Compost Trials: Inaugurating The Green Waste Bin   Leave a comment

In the last couple of weeks I have used our green waste bin for the first time. It’s been sitting next to the recycling and garbage bins in all its virginal glory since I wanted to compost all of our green waste at home. However, as I tackled the spring weeds I realized that I really didn’t want to try to compost those plants myself since I have no confidence that the seeds would be degraded. This summer as I cleaned out the weeds in the planters after we moved, I threw the weeds in the regular trash because there was some windblown debris in the dried weeds, and I mistakenly thought at the time that weeds should not be put in the green waste bin. Since then I realized that “weeds” are specifically listed as acceptable items for the green waste program, which I assume includes weed seeds. I guess that however the industrial composting is done, they are confident that high enough temperatures are reached to degrade the weed seeds and not just incubate them for whoever buys the finished compost. I hope that is true, because I hate to thing that I am just shipping my weeds off to someone else to deal with, especially since there’s a chance that someone else might use herbicides and contribute to the ensuing pollution problems.

It is really nice having that bin, which is large and almost full, because otherwise we might have had to put the trash bin out to the curb for pickup twice this month!


Posted April 17, 2011 by mayakey in gardening

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