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One of the waste-reduction measures that I implemented years ago was to stop carrying around the travel sized plastic tissue pouches, but instead keep a fabric pouch of tissues in my purse. It was one of those head slapper moments when I suddenly realized that a change purse is approximately the same size as a travel tissue pouch, and would work better without the plastic waste (for the pouch and the packaging for the set of tissue pouches).

When I conceived of the idea, of course, there were no change purses for sale at Whole Foods, or at the next Green Festival. Instead I settled for a Fair Trade zippered pouch sized for bills, which was twice as large as needed for the folded tissues, and slightly awkward in my purse. But a few weeks ago I saw pretty organic hemp change purses that look sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of purse life, so now my tissues are in just the right size pouch, and after a few years of making do I can say that this idea is brilliant! (As I pat myself on the back, apparently.)

To be honest, there are some drawbacks, namely that if I forget to refill it when it becomes empty, I have no tissues. While it feels faster, I’m not sure that walking to the closet and digging out a fresh plastic tissue pouch is really any faster than stepping up to the nearest tissue box, grabbing and folding a couple tissues, and stuffing them in the hemp pouch. And the reusable zippered (or snap) pouch has a big benefit: it stays closed. Never again will the little sticker meant to close the plastic pouch get linted up/torn off, thereby leaving the tissues defenseless against anything that rubs up against them. The side benefit is the fact that no matter what they print on the plastic pouch, I bet you can find a change purse that you like better; I know I did.

Posted March 28, 2011 by mayakey in conscious living, frugal living, resource use, unshopping

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