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This past weekend was the vernal equinox, and we celebrated by dying eggs. I love dying eggs, and I also have a mission to figure out several options before I have kids for how to get colorful eggs using non-toxic, natural, accessible dyes. This year we did turmeric because I am still working on the extra spice jar that I accidentally bought a couple years ago, and black beans because they have done such a good job of dying our slow cooker.

Dyed EggsThe turmeric of course does a great job, especially using a lot of it with a splash of white vinegar. The black beans didn’t work as well as we had hoped. The colors didn’t come out very well in the picture but they are mottled brown. The beans actually did a better of job of dying the underside of the shell and the membrane, which are speckled with purplish-dark brown spots. Black beans may be worth trying again, and next time I’ll completely cook the beans instead of just cooking them for a half hour before adding the eggs.

Other years I’ve had good luck with beets, grape juice (grey or purple depending on the grape I think), purple cabbage (blue), spinach (light green), and tea (light brown).

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