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Being that it is February, for me it is time to re-evaluate goals. New Year’s resolutions make no sense to me since it is a number on a calendar that has no real natural basis. Birthday and half-birthday goals? That’s more my style. As usual, my performance since August has been a mixed bag, with some unfortunately big important goals on the loser side.

There were some great successes: Reaching a total of 8 miles per week running, and no longer eating dinner in front of the TV.

There were some acceptable successes (short term goals) and progressions (longer term goals): Staying on track to get my husband’s car paid off before the end of this year, “finishing” my second chakra evaluation, getting in the habit of taking my prenatal supplements and smoothie, and making our yard a refuge even by just spending time each morning standing in the window and admiring the frost or going out and taking pictures of whatever looks nice.

There were some failures: Not getting a solid 1 month emergency fund re-established (replacing the water heater and having to replace all the tires on one of our cars could have had something to do with that).

And there were some spectacular failures: My meditation and centering practice and journalling both decreased over the last 6 months instead of increasing. Instead of feeling more at peace, I am less at peace. Ugh.

So now it is time to look forward. A healthy pregnancy is high on my wish list, as is becoming more at peace in my core. And I’m totally obsessed with getting the car paid off. Wish me luck!


Posted February 14, 2011 by mayakey in goals

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