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Every year I think to myself that I don’t really NEED to buy calendars, and that it would save money, paper, ink, plastic wrapping, and fuel to stop buying calendars. Then I give in to temptation of the beautiful pictures to peruse the racks of calendars, find a few that I fall in love with, get drawn back to them week after week while doing my grocery shopping, and then buy a couple with the justification that they are pretty. After all, calendars are cheep changeable art that can be reused for a multitude of things like wall art and wrapping paper. My 2010 work calendar is going to be the basis for the design of our nursery. To make myself feel a little better, I won’t buy a calendar unless it is from recycled paper and/or FSC certified sources, preferably with vegetable-based inks.

We really don’t actively use our calendars, so that is why we could theoretically stop getting any. I use iCal on my computer to record events/appointments, and my husband uses his cell phone calendar for everything except his medication schedule, which is on his wall calendar. The calendars on the wall in our office just serve as calendars to see the day of the week when our computers are off or we don’t feel like switching to the calendar program, and as art. And yes, that was plural, we each have a calendar hanging over our respective desks so that we don’t have to compromise on which calendar we get. I have three calendars at work with three different functions: my Outlook where my appointments are noted, the single-page annual company calendar, and my art calendar. My husband also uses several calendars in his cubicle at work pretty much exclusively for the art.

I’d be very interested to find out if other people actively use their wall calendars, don’t use a calendar at all, or are like us and buy them for the pictures.


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