My Prom Dress Is Off On A New Adventure   2 comments

I have finally managed to donate the dress from my senior prom. This has been a long saga. A couple of years ago I realized that I no longer fit into my prom dress, and that I didn’t need it any more as the stock formal dress in my closet because now I have my wedding dress. I had somehow heard about an organization called Cinderella’s Closet here in Sacramento that provided prom dresses to teens who could not afford them otherwise, so I looked into it. Their guidelines did specify dresses only a year or two old, but I figured I would try to donate it anyway. My mom and I had purposefully selected a classic (read: timeless) style dress that I could (and did) wear as a formal dress for other events into adulthood. (And as I mentioned above, I continued that mentality by buying a wedding dress that I can and have worn to other formal events; what’s the point of a one-time-only dress?) So I took the dress to the drop off location and was told that they were no longer accepting dresses. Shortly thereafter the organization apparently folded, and now the parent organization is also no longer around.

Left with a dress that I was all geared up to donate so that it could get a second life, I hung it on the shades in the computer room so that I “wouldn’t forget it”. But with no other place to specifically donate formal dresses so that girls with no money could still go to The Dance, I didn’t really know what to do with it. I didn’t want to just drop it off at Goodwill. But my aversion to shopping apparently extends to an aversion to finding a consignment store that would sell the dress. Plus, I would rather give the dress to a girl who needs it than make a few dollars selling it, but that’s just me. I might have felt differently if the dress was only a couple years old, and not a decade and a half. This purge time, I have finally found a new place for the dress. It has also been joined by a maid-of-honor dress that no longer fits.

Snowline Hospice Thrift Store in Folsom has a program called A Prom Dress To Remember that provides dresses to girls who would otherwise not be able to afford a dress. When I called to verify, I was told that they would happily accept both the (old) prom dress and the maid-of-honor dress. So now both dresses are at the thrift store eagerly waiting for spring to arrive when they will adorn an excited young girl for a night of fun and memories. It is a great feeling to give new life to things that held good memories for me in the past, and to help someone else enjoy a special event as well.


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  1. The bridesmaid dress from my wedding?

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