The Carpet Is Finally Gone!   1 comment

The old carpet that we removed first thing upon getting our house back in July is finally gone! The whole process of recycling the carpet and padding could have certainly gone better, but it was also not as bad as I had thought it could be.

The first issue was schedule. In the first week of July when I was ripping out the carpet, I just wanted it out of the house. I was focusing on getting the house clean and ready for move-in and just didn’t have time to take care of carpet recycling research. So we rolled up the carpet and padding and stacked them on the concrete in the backyard. The plan was to recycle them before the rains came. In early July, October looks far away. Obviously that plan failed. We ended up with a pile of slightly wet carpet. All of last week our cars were in the driveway and the garage was dedicated for rolling out the carpet to dry since the recycler specified that the carpet be dry.

The second issue was the lack of recyclers. With no carpet recyclers in the Sacramento area, a trip to the Bay Area had to be scheduled. I have used up all my time off at work and the recycler is not open on weekends. Luckily my husband had taken a half day off and was willing to spend it driving to Oakland to deliver the carpet. I have an awesome husband. The carpet pad recycler is also not open weekends, but at least they were local, so I just took a long lunch to haul that load.

The third issue was meeting the requirement of the carpet recycler. It was related to the wet carpet in that we had to take the time to re-roll all of the carpet (even the dry rolls) because the carpet recycler specified that the carpet needed to be rolled yarn side out and tied off with a strip of carpet, not string or tape. That was REALLY annoying! I do not understand that requirement.

The cost ended up working out ok for the recycling, but steep overall. There was no fee for the load of carpet padding, and the fee for the carpet was $10. Considering that the disposal fee at the landfill would have been either $40 or $45 (depending on whether truck bed and cab filled with carpet rolls would have been considered a load or an overload) for the two loads, that’s not bad at all. The problem was that since we had to do both loads on weekday mornings (before 3 pm), we had to rent a truck. And since we weren’t able to get both loads in one day due to the early closing times, we spent $225 on pickup truck rentals (plus gas and bridge toll).

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  1. And I got to have lunch in Berkeley. That was worth the trip.

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