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Back in early July when we closed on our house, the first order of business was to rip out the old carpet. Well, since I was focusing on getting the house cleaned and ready for move in, the old carpet just got rolled up and piled in the back yard. Recent rains (and a friend’s home renovation) have reminded me that I need to restart my search for a carpet recycler. Carpet recycling is the hip new thing, right? But Sacramento is also a very non-“green” town.

In early July I wanted to make sure that there was an option to recycle the carpet so I did a web search and found the CalRecycle website, which lists carpet recyclers in the state. There was one listed for northern Sacramento, so I called them. The receptionist at company A said they only recycle carpet that they remove, but she’d have the owner call me. He never did, and I got distracted by other things.

After the rain, I started looking for company A’s name and phone number but couldn’t find where I had written it down. Going back to the CalRecycle website, I found that they are no longer any listed for the Sacramento area, and only three in the Bay Area. One of the Bay Area listings is for Goodwill in San Jose, and I am kind of skeptical that they are recycling and not reusing the old carpet. Plus driving to San Jose might be too much even for me. Union Recovering located in Hayward only accepts carpet pads, not carpets. But before I committed to hauling my carpets to Oakland, I decided to do a bit more searching.

Another web search led me to the Sacramento County website listing two local companies for carpet recycling. But one of them, Habitat for Humanity, does not accept used carpet anymore. I called the second, G&B Carpet Recycling in Lincoln, which only just opened in July. I called, left a message, called, left a message, and waited.

The G&B Carpet Recycling website led me to Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), which only lists the San Jose Goodwill as a Northern California reclamation partner. I was about to give up. By sheer chance, I found the Rancho Cordova Recycling Guide and Handbook, which lists a couple more local companies.

So I called L&N Pad and Foam Recycling and left a message. I tried Sunshine Padding and Foam Recycling where someone actually answered the phone! He told me that they only accept carpet pads, and are only open M-F 7-3:30. Ugh. At this point I tried G&B Carpet Recycling again, and got a hold of a live person. Who told me that they no longer accept carpets for recycling, even though “there is demand”. He told me that Oakland is the nearest carpet recycler currently. So I called Carpet Recyclers in Oakland. They are open M-F 7-4; but they don’t accept rolls that have been tied with string.

At this point there was a little voice that said re-rolling all of the carpet, renting a truck, and driving to Oakland (all while using what little vacation time I have left at work), and then possibly paying a fee to give my old carpet to someone to recycle is absolutely insane and I shouldn’t do it. Then the angel on my other shoulder piped up, commenting that part of my commitment is to go beyond what “normal, sane people” would do so that I can make inroads and make it easier for those normal, sane people to take the same actions.

So now I have to re-roll the carpets in accordance with Carpet Recyclers’ instructions, and then take my road trip before it rains again. I think I will take the padding to the local company to demonstrate that there is local demand for carpet and pad recycling.

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