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I didn’t have time to do a recap of our smudge ceremony right after it happened, so I’ll do that today. The short description was that it was AWESOME! I heartily recommend doing something similar to this before moving into a new home.

Things were a little rushed at the beginning since the carpet installation wasn’t done until around 4, I was only about a quarter of the way finished replacing the baseboards at that time, and the smudge ceremony was scheduled to start at 6:30. As a result, I was literally mopping the floors as the first few people arrived. I felt that mopping the floors before/as people arrived satisfied the water element part of the ceremony, and so I decided that there really was no need for any additional (symbolic) washing to be incorporated in the ceremony. To be completely honest the idea of doing any symbolic washing or water sprinkling was actually kind of repulsive to me at the time since I was frantically trying to get the floors clean enough for a floor picnic and still had (have) lots more cleaning to do in the house.

As our friends arrived, we just relaxed and talked. It was exactly the kind of happy atmosphere that was needed. The kids were running around playing, the adults sat on the floor or the few chairs or stood and talked. The house was full of sun, friends, happiness, and laughter. Our friends definitely helped us to start our new home with positive energy and good spirit. Eventually, I went around the house and opened all of the windows wide to let the breeze come in, incorporating the element of air.

After opening the windows, the actual smudging part started. Only a few of us actually walked room to room, which was good since it would have been way to crowded otherwise. I was a bit nervous about lighting the smudge stick since I’d never done it before. It lit and flared up a bit as I frantically tried to blow it out. There were little tongues of flame that kept dancing around it. I did finally manage to get the flame out, and there were little embers left in the tip giving off smoke. (There was lots of joking about the odor of the smoke; it really was just sage.) We started in the entry to the house. My sister-in-law was in charge of ringing the singing bowl to fill the room with it’s clear sound, while I walked around the periphery of the room fanning the smoke around the room. We did the entry, living room, hallway, worked our way around through all of the bedrooms and bathrooms, and then came into the dining room and kitchen. Since the smudge stick was still going strong I decided to go outside, too. So we did the garage and the front walkway, and then all around the back of the house and the back planters. I tried snuffing the smudge stick, but I couldn’t put it out, so we placed it in the clay bowl and left it in the entry just outside the front door while everyone ate dinner.¬†

Dinner was fun and chaotic, with lots of good food and good conversation as we picnicked on the brand new cork floor in the living room, with light still coming in the big bay window. As the light faded outside the ceremony tailed off and people went home, leaving behind a house that was absolutely ready for our stuff (and us) to move in the following day to start making a new home.

I really do believe that this ceremony was necessary, spiritually. For me personally, I was still having trouble seeing the positive in the house and not the problems and the dirt. But by the time the smudging was done I really was feeling good deep inside myself, and I was ready to embrace this house and make it my home. By the time the picnic was over, I was feeling comfortable and happy. I suspect this ceremony is also why on moving day I was already casually referring to this house as “home” and the old house as “the other house.”


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