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Yesterday was the big moving day. We moved all of the furniture and lots of boxes. The last thing that we were planning to pack were the toothbrushes/toothpaste/etc in the bathroom, but at the end of the day when we were exhausted, somewhat delirious, and surrounded by the little things that remained in the house we forgot. Luckily, easily accessible in the pile of small stuff that did get transferred to the new house were our extra toothbrushes and the baggie of samples from the dentist. We broke out with new toothbrushes and opened one of the mini-toothpaste tubes. BLEECH!

I don’t think that I’ve used a sweetened toothpaste in maybe a decade. I can’t even remember when I switched to Toms. My husband switched when he moved in with me, so it has been four years since he used a sweetened toothpaste. Well, the toothpaste from the dentist was Colgate. From my reading of the ingredients on the tube, there are two sweeteners in Colgate: sorbitol (listed second of the inactive ingredients; don’t know if that means anything for non-food items) and sodium saccharin.

After so long using unsweetened toothpaste, the sweet stuff didn’t taste minty to us, it tasted like sugar. We both felt like we were going to bed with dirty teeth after sucking on a piece of candy instead of clean brushed teeth. “That’s not toothpaste, it’s candy masquerading in a tube,” said my husband. We’ll definitely stick with unsweetened toothpastes flavored with natural plant oils. (I’ve tried the plain baking soda pastes and found that I do need a little bit of flavor and some lather or my mouth just doesn’t feel clean; psychological not physical but nonetheless, there it is.)

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