Flooring Choice #3: Marmoleum   1 comment

Finally finishing the new-flooring series on the evening of the completed installation: Our third and final new flooring decision (the master bathroom) had us stumped right up to when we were in Green Sacramento picking out the carpet and cork samples. The master bathroom is one of those bathrooms with a small room for the toilet and shower, and then a separate room with the sink and vanity. The previous owners of the house all had carpet in the sink area, but installed tile in the shower room. Neither of us wanted carpet in the sink area. It just doesn’t seem like a good idea to me to have carpet and padding under a water source. But the tile in the shower room was installed on a diagonal and looked like a tile that would be very hard to match.

When we walked into Green Sacramento to select flooring, we weren’t sure if we wanted to try to find a tile that would match the existing tile, or more cork, or Marmoleum, or something else. We brought my laptop to the store with us so that we had photos of the rooms to look at while we selected the samples, and when the lady helping us saw the pictures she suggested looking at Marmoleum to match the accent tiles instead of the primary tiles. Lo and behold, Marmoleum has a pattern that is a perfect match for the accent tiles in the shower room! Sold.

Marmoleum is probably the most popular current brand of true linoleum. True linoleum is made from linseed oil (what most people currently refer to as linoleum today is actually vinyl). Marmoleum also contains sawdust and pine resin and uses a jute fiber backing. According to Forbo’s website, Marmoleum uses “environmental responsible pigments” (I don’t really know what that means) and does not contain solvents in the adhesives. As a result Marmeolum will not off-gas any harmful chemicals and is biodegradable. Also according to Forbo’s website, they have done a life cycle analysis on the products, which impresses and satisfies me as an environmental engineer even though I was not able to download the document.

Since the installation is done, I can add pictures to this post:

Linoleum in place

The new linoleum floor in the master bathroom

Closeup of linoleum samples next to accent tile

Closeup of the Marmoleum next to the accent tile (top pattern)

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