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We’re about to move into our new house, but first, I want to have a smudge ceremony. The purpose of this smudge ceremony will be to expunge any lingering negative energies and to bless the house with our new positive energies before we actually move into the house. I understand that smudging is used for purification because it is believed that the negative energies will be cleared away by the smoke. I’ve never actually done this before, but I’m really looking forward to it. I just need to plan it first. I honestly don’t really know what one does at a smudge ceremony, but I do have practice at inventing my own traditions so I am going to start developing a smudge ceremony right here and now. (Feedback appreciated)

When I design or decorate, I tend to use the elements and the senses as a guide, and I think that both would be excellent guides for this ceremony. The senses are taste, sight, hearing, touch, and smell; the elements are water, earth, fire, wind, wood, metal, and spirit.

I guess the best place to start is the smudge sticks: I have three “mini sage wands”. {fire, wood, smell} I have also thought about using my Tibetan singing bowl in this ceremony, even though I don’t know how to make it sing, just gong. {metal, sound} I would like to invite friends and family over to be part of this ceremony. {spirit} We could open up all of the windows at the beginning to let the Delta breeze in all through the house. {wind} In order to involve taste in the ceremony, I think a picnic is in order (no furniture yet, so it can’t be called a “dinner party”). Given that I’m in the process of washing every possible surface in the house, I think the water element is covered even if it is not part of the ceremony per se. The only thing I’m missing here is earth, so I’ll scrounge up something glass or clay to serve as ash-catcher for the smudge sticks. The senses of touch and sight are sort of captured in the overall scheme, so I’m inclined to not do anything special for them.

Now the choreography. Well, we’ve been washing the place for a couple weeks now and will be doing so right up to the official smudge ceremony (and probably more afterwards as well), so I guess that’s the preliminary step (let me tell you, those buckets of water have certainly been getting rid of negative energy!). Lets start by opening all of the windows wide (even the kitchen windows that for some reason don’t have screens) to capture the breeze and bring it inside. I suppose that could be done before or as people arrive (assuming anyone actually wants to join me in my madness). Once we’ve got happy people to bring good spirits throughout the house, the actually smudging would start. I’m thinking: place the singing bowl on the floor in the center of the room first, ring it, and then walk with the smoking sage wand around the room waving the smoke all around. Question: does the hallway count as a room? After walking the house, it’s time to eat. Hopefully some of our friends and family will actually come and potluck it because quite frankly we don’t have the time to throw a party on our own right now (and which kitchen would we use?) Where to eat? The front lawn is dead and I don’t think we’ll get a chance to sweep out the back (or remove the rolls of old carpet, mirrored closet doors, pile of pulled tack strips, and other stuff that we’ve removed from the house and piled in the back), so it kind of has to be an indoor picnic. We can bring a few chairs over in advance, and some pillows for floor sitting; serve food from the kitchen counter, and eat on the tiled dining room floor or newly-corked living room floor. Dishes? We don’t yet have a garbage bin so disposables maybe not be a great idea. We could haul over our boxes of “nice” dishes before hand and then just stick them in the dishwasher afterwards. I think we’re stuck with paper cups, though. I guess they’ll help start my compost pile.


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  1. I have a beautiful and heavy clay bowl that Jenny (a cousin in Colorado) made and gave me. It is very earthy in the design, but doesn’t have the largest opening. I would be honored to bring it if you want me to as the representation of earth (and spirit since Jenny made it). Let me know.

  2. I think a symbolic washing for water is a good idea. Don’t neglect it in your ceremony.

    Maybe a plant for earth?

    And EMPHATICALLY YES the hallway is a room. Hallways hold a lot of negative energy because they are passthroughs.

    I wish I could be there. It makes me sad to miss things like this.

    • I have two ideas for incorporating water, one is symbolic washing while the other is sprinkling rite:
      1) wash doorknobs with water containing pine oil
      2) bringer a spritzer with water and an essential oil blend of sage and pine and spray around each room

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