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One of the blogs that I read regularly, Ask An Organic Mom, is doing a conscious kitchen challenge to promote her new book. I’m taking the challenge and posting my results here. The first part was a self-exam, the second was about shopping, the third was fruits and vegetables, the fourth was meat, the fifth was seafood, and the sixth is beverages. I haven’t read her book, so the challenge is limited to what she posted in her blog. When I saw this part of the challenge I said “ooh, an easy one!”

The first half of this challenge deals with water. And that’s what I drink mostly. At home I drink straight out of the tap, at sit down restaurants I drink water that is probably tap water, at serve-your-own-drinks type restaurants I get water from the water button on the soft drink dispenser so I think that is probably just tap water, at work I drink filtered tap water. We used to have those 5-gallon water bottles but just as I started seriously preparing for pregnancy and thinking that I needed to leave behind the convenience of the water cooler, the water delivery guy suggested that we switch to a new water cooler that gets the water through a reverse osmosis filter hooked up to our tap. (My concern with the 5-gallon water bottles was the plastic type; I think they are polycarbonate and hence have problems with BPA/estrogenic compounds.) I do plan on getting my water tested when we move into our new house, and I still need to download the water quality report, but I plan on continuing to drink tap water.

As for water bottles, I’ve really never gotten into the whole disposable water bottle thing. I do use the disposable water bottles for trips, but I’ve been carrying around a refillable water bottle since I was a freshman in high school. At that time it was a plastic water bottle. Then a few years ago I got a Sigg (which I thought at the time was stainless steel). Then when it came out that Sigg was shading the truth and their bottles are actually aluminum with a plastic coating, I decided I didn’t trust the company and replaced my Sigg water bottle with a stainless steel bottle from Green Bottle.

The second part of this challenge is “everything else”, which for me is pretty much just tea. I drink hot tea at work all day every day pretty much. I have 19 types of tea at my desk, including black, green, white, and herbal/medicinals. I insist on fair trade certified tea, and even some of my herbal teas are fair trade. Generally they are also organic; actually I think they all are organic. I’m currently getting ready to transition to almost all loose-leaf whole-leaf teas on the theory that there is less energy/material inputs than for bagged tea. At home in the summer I make sun tea, which is of course fair trade and requires no energy input for the brewing.

Every once in a while I will enjoy an alcoholic drink and I do have to admit that I don’t focus too much on organic in this realm. I’m allergic to barley and hence have to drink wheat beers. Since it is already a challenge to find beers that I can drink without getting a horrible stomach ache, I don’t complicate it further by insisting on organic. As for wine, my husband buys that as he’s the wine snob. For the most part I think we have California wines. I would be very interested in organic wine, but as I said I’m not the one doing the shopping. When it comes to hard alcohol and mixed drinks again I defer to my alcohol snob husband. We have some amazingly high quality liquors on our counter (especially Scotch and tequila)! I really could care less if they are organic because they are essentially artisan made goodness. When it comes to mixers, though, I start getting picky because I think high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) tastes disgusting and I don’t enjoy mixers made with HFCS. That pretty much rules out 95% of commercial drink mixers. Even tonic water contains HFCS! Instead I tend to buy juice and then never finish the bottle so it sits in our fridge for months and months and months and months (it’s actually amazing how long juice can last in the fridge; especially if you don’t mind a little fermentation). Not exactly a great choice, but I haven’t worked out a better system yet.

And then there’s the unmentionables: sodas. I think I’ve had one soda, maybe two so far this year, I can’t remember very well. I pretty much stopped drinking soda early in my high school years. And I’ve never looked back.

I used to make myself drink juice, but I gave that up. One should not have to force oneself to drink something that’s supposed to enjoyable. I don’t know why I don’t gravitate to juice, but I don’t.


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