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Sometimes shopping around is a good idea, but I have to admit I make a lot of purchases without doing so. When I find a company that caters to the LOHAS market (lifestyles of health and sustainability) and/or is a local small business that provides exactly what I need, I tend to skip the shopping around part and just purchase from that company. Cost is an issue for us right now, given that we just bought a house, but supporting local small businesses is also very important. In this particular instance I am talking about shopping for our new flooring. Green Sacramento LLC is a small business dedicated to environmental friendly and non-toxic home building and decorating supplies. They have managed so far to survive the recession and downturn in the housing market, and I feel strongly about purchasing our flooring from them because I am very happy to have a place that caters to people like me. Rather than having to hunt through walls of carpet looking for the wool carpet on a natural fiber backing with no VOCs, we went to Green Sacramento and that is the only type of carpet they carry (granted, there aren’t many color choices, but that’s ok). It is nice to sometimes be able to go somewhere that has products I can buy without needing to do extensive research beforehand. Yes, we could probably get the same or similar flooring at national chain stores for a cheaper price, but we would have to spend more time shopping and researching, and we may have dealt with salespeople that were not knowledgeable about the “natural” flooring options. There are times when buying from a national chain store makes sense, but when you are looking for something specific and unconventional, need assistance with the selection (and the entire process of having it installed), and have a local small business that is eager to cater to you then that is just the way to go, even if it costs a little more.


Posted July 13, 2010 by mayakey in shopping

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