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One of the blogs that I read regularly, Ask An Organic Mom, is doing a conscious kitchen challenge to promote her new book. I’m taking the challenge and posting my results here. The first part was a self-exam, the second was about shopping, the third was about fruits and vegetables, the fourth was about meat, and the fifth is about seafood. I haven’t read her book, so the challenge is limited to what she posted in her blog. This part of the challenge is just me and not my husband since he avoids almost all seafood. To be honest, I don’t eat nearly as much fish and seafood as I would like, either.

At the same time that Alexandra posted the seafood challenge, Marion Nestle was doing a series on the Alaskan salmon fishery in her blog, Food Politics (June 18, 19, 21), which I found very informative. Since the salmon fishery in the Pacific Northwest was closed a couple of years ago, and Atlantic salmon is on the Monterey Bay Aquairum’s red list (not to mention that I’ve heard Atlantic salmon are died pink since they are farmed and therefore don’t have the characteristic pink flesh), the only option remaining is Alaska. So far, the Alaskan fishery has managed to remain “sustainable”, but I am concerned that with all of the pressure it will eventually fail. As a result I try to avoid eating salmon at all (reduce the demand, reduce the harvest to create supply).

The first step of the seafood challenge is research. I do my research passively in that I keep the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Guide in my purse. I refer to it before I buy any seafood at the store or order in a restaurant. The exception is sushi, but I see that they’ve now put out a guide for sushi, so I’m printing it out as I type this (and printing out the updated West Cost Guide as well since the one in my purse was a little out of date). This guide is primarily focused on ocean health but it does have a notation indicating seafood with contaminant concerns. I really need to do more research into the contaminant concerns before I get pregnant.

Like I said, I do refer to the list before buying or ordering seafood. In the store, if it isn’t on the green list I won’t buy it. Period. In restaurants the server often doesn’t know they type of fish if it isn’t on the menu (“white fish”? which white fish?), and they never know how it was caught. I’m always nervous about being a “problem diner” so I rarely push the issue and often just don’t order the seafood dish no matter how delicious it looks. And then there’s sushi, which until now I have eaten without consulting my conscience. I love tuna sushi, but unfortunately most tuna is not eco-friendly and it is contaminated. Life without the occasional spicy tuna roll is hard to imagine, though.


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