Meditation in a Rose Garden   Leave a comment

Meditation can, of course, be done anywhere. But there is just so much extra energy that can be found in a nature meditation. Not to mention the sensuality. Meditation in nature leaves me with a unique peace and invigoration.

Instead of focusing inward, in nature there are countless external foci: the smell of grass or loam or flowers, the patterns formed by ripples in a pond or fluttering leaves, the feel of the breeze, the feel of flower petals or moss or leaves, the sound of birds or insects or rustling leaves, or the overall sensation of being immersed in nature. Nature meditations are done while sitting, laying down, walking, running, floating, and even working in the garden. Sometimes any nature will do including gardens, yards, parks, or any open space. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if there’s a nearby train or the nature spot is next to a busy road. Sometimes it does matter and only isolation deep in the natural world with no reminder of human technologies will feel right.

If it helps, there have been many studies done that find benefits to experiencing nature, even briefly. Just looking out the window at the leaves blowing in the wind or watching fish in an aquarium for a few minutes is enough to relax the mind and reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Maybe it’s the feeling of being part of something big. Maybe it’s the beauty. I’ve heard the theory that it is the randomness of nature (the unpredictability of the swimming fish, or the ripples on the lake) that helps our minds to relax,. All I know and care, really, is that it works.


Posted June 8, 2010 by mayakey in spiritual practices

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