I Just Can’t Cut the Cord   4 comments

One of my goals for the first half of 2010 is to stop eating in front of the TV. It is part of a bigger goal of gradually cutting out most TV watching, so that when we have a baby I can go a couple of years without TV. The problem is, I’m failing; I’m failing badly. When our DVD/VCR broke months ago we had to give up our ability to record TV and that was actually a relief because it meant that I could start disengaging from CSI (my choir practice once a month is during CSI). I thought I was making progress weaning myself off the idiot box. However, I didn’t continue my progress by cutting out TV while stretching after my runs and eating, so I got myself hooked on NCIS instead (thanks to USA and three hours of reruns almost daily). And then Comcast forced us to get a digital cable box and now the VCR can record TV again. I am anguished to admit that I recorded a show today and I’ll do it again next week since my prayer group moved to Tuesday and NCIS is currently doing a very riveting story line.

Usually progress on my goals is kind of a “two steps forward, one step back” thing. I know that and I plan for that. I am not happy with two steps forward and two steps back. That’s not progress at all.


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  1. I am hooked on NCIS and Ghost Whisperer. I love those shows. My Rueda leading class is on Tues during the show so I watch the reruns too. I have no intentions of giving it up. I know that eventually there will come a show that takes it place and I will naturally stop.

  2. I love my shows. And really My, two years of focusing on nothing but a kid might drive you batty. I don’t really understand what is wrong with TV, in moderation, of course. And is Mike also on board with the no TV?

    • Mike and I had the initial conversation about TV and kids maybe a year ago. Until a kid can talk we don’t see how TV can be a positive influence in his or her life. I think it’s something we’ll revisit when the time comes, but we’re both inclined to very limited TV.

  3. my kid likes the view and dora and some handy manny. I can’t explain why. ok, i don’t think he likes the view…but i do.

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