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I realized this weekend when I glanced out the front door that right now we have the kind of lawn that I could really love, the meadow lawn. Even better, the house immediately across the street also has a meadow lawn, so when I look out our front door I see these two areas of lush green with lacy grass seed heads and bright yellow flowers that are just so beautiful.

Meadowy lawns in fore and background

I’m not really a lawn person. I like functional expanses of grass, things like playing fields, and I don’t care for non-functional expanses of mowed near-monocultures of grass. All of the benefits of a lawn that just sits there can be provided by other vegetation, and the other vegetation have the added benefit of looking nice. I just do not see the aesthetic attraction of large expanses of non-functional grass.

Closeup of front lawn with flowers

This is the end of my sixth year renting here, and I’ve had to put up with a conventional lawn the entire time. Our original landlady had a lawn service who cut the grass way too short, and if I didn’t water it enough to keep it green all summer, she would (and she would waste a lot more water doing so). This spring our third landlord apparently didn’t realize that we have not been doing our lawn care and at first I didn’t care to enlighten them since I liked the lush growth. Eventually it got too much and there were woody stemmed weeds growing. I pulled out the woody weeds and shortly after that the property manager mowed (not too short, yay!) when they put the other half of the duplex up for rent. It’s now been several weeks and the lawn has fully recovered from that drastic mowing.

Lawns with flowers in fore and background

I confess that I was feeling kind of bad about the lawn before this weekend. Looking at it from the perspective of the commuter I was comparing it to some of the “well-groomed” lawns on the block and thinking it was starting to look raggedy. I didn’t see the beauty from my car. I didn’t see the beauty until I enjoyed a moment of relaxed quiet on a weekend, hearing birds chirping all around me and seeing the seed heads and flowers waving gently in the breeze. Then I realized that I had been missing a gem, probably the only gem I’ve experienced in this house since the side yard was devastated (a whole new story).


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