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I have a coworker who decided to try to go “no ‘poo”, the term for shampoo-free (don’t ask me, I didn’t make it up). We’ve had several conversations about homemade personal care products and the green and frugal living aspects. The conversations have been simmering in my head and making me think that it is time to take a fresh look at my own practices. Currently, I do not make any of my own products. A very long time ago I was very interested in making my own products but I was not able to find the ingredients that I wanted, and the labor for some was more than I had time to do.

I first read about no ‘poo months ago and I’ve always just brushed it off. I figured that I don’t shampoo my hair very often, so I didn’t see the benefit; and instead I figured that I would probably end up washing my hair more often. Right now I don’t actually know how often I shampoo my scalp (I never shampoo my hair). My guess is that I usually go just over a week between shampoos, but it’s hard to keep track. In-between shampoos I’ll do a water only rinse or a conditioner rinse every few days. After talking to my coworker, I realized that I could probably try the no ‘poo strategies without much of a transition period just to see if they work. The incentive here is the fact that my shampoo bottle is approaching empty, and considering how long it takes me to finish a bottle of shampoo I should try this now instead of after buying a new bottle. I think I’ll go for it (sorry honey).

A lot of people make their own soap, but I don’t really want to because I enjoy shopping for bars of soap. I love standing at the soap shelf, picking a scent and ingredients, enjoying the variety. This one goes in the category of: when-I-have-kids-this-might-be-a-fun-project, but right now it just sounds like a pain. As for hand soap, I used castile soap in a dispenser for years and finally got fed up with constantly having to remove chunks of dried soap. So now we buy the ONE type of unscented liquid soap that Whole Foods carries. It pains me since it is a disposable pump (oh all that non-recycleable plastic!), but I haven’t found a way to get bulk liquid soap that won’t clump up on the dispenser. And again, making my own sounds like a pain.

There is one category of personal care products that I absolutely have no interest in making for myself: creams. I use a cream cleanser for my face instead of a foaming cleanser, and then there is also facial moisturizer and body lotion. I now know vendors where I think I could get the ingredients, but the thing with creams/emollients is that it is very hard to get all of the ingredients evenly mixed. I’m not sure that I want to use our blender to make myself lotions.

Oh, there’s another category of products that I do not want to make myself: toothpaste. I generally like the toothpaste that we buy (Tom’s of Maine, variety of flavors and types), and I can honestly say I have no desire to brush with baking soda alone. I did it once, and I checked that experience off the list.

I already make most of my own pamper products, except for body wash. I’m still working on the stockpile of body washes and body scrubs that I have received as gifts over the years, and I plan to make my own from castile soap when they are done. I also make my own mouthwash (stored in an old Scotch bottle) using water, peppermint oil, and tincture of myrrh for gum health.

And then there is deodorant. When I first switched from anti-perspirant my underarms rejoiced! They felt great! Fast forward a few years to now and my underarms are irritated almost constantly. I’ve been pondering this one. I can’t go completely bare, I’m uncertain about just using baking soda or corn starch, and I’m uncertain about rubbing essential oils on my skin every day. But obviously the store-bought deodorants are no longer the best choice. It’s still a dilemma…

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  1. I have an off the wall suggestion for deodorant. I read it on “The People’s Pharmacy” in the Journal. It is Milk of Magnesia. I am not sure you would like the ingredients but it may be worth a try.

  2. I used to use Lavendar oil (mixed with a little grape seed oil) as deoderant, especially in summer when sweat and shaving irritates the pits.

    Ew with the No ‘Poo. I think the name says it all there. You should also probably post the “No ‘Poo” strategies, just in case your readers want to try them. And did I mention EW! EW!

    Castile soap makes me gag. Michael was on a kick a couple of summers ago and it was awful. There is something about the smell (metallic and hospital-like) that makes my stomach heave.

    Carmela Chavez Liberman
    • How did you apply the grape seed oil with lavendar?

      • With a cotton ball. I just mixed it…heavier on the lavendar oil, lighter on the grape seed oil. And then dabbed it on and let it “dry” before putting my shirt on. I also used just straight lavendar sometimes and while it burned a little when I was already irritated, it solved problem quickly.

        Carmela Chavez Liberman
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