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This past weekend turned into a mending weekend quite by accident. Saturday morning when I was getting out of bed my foot got tangled in the sheet and my toe tore quite a large hole. Since those were one of our nicest sheet sets, and one of my favorites, a repair was in order. Then I felt like putting on my old ratty jeans and discovered that they had sprouted a new hole and needed another patch. Then we discovered that one of our woven mesh bags for the farmer’s market had some broken strings. And I figured while I was at it I might as well put a string on the new vegetable loofah in the kitchen so that we can hang it with the brushes.

I have never actually mended a sheet before. I’ve never gotten a sizable tear in a sheet that I cared about. I figured it couldn’t be too hard, right? But we didn’t have a matching thread, and when I used the next closest to whipstitch the tear back together I was afraid that the stitches were going to tear right back out next time we use the sheet. It was a really ragged tear located very close to where the sheet tucks under the mattress. A trip to the fabric store was in order to get iron-on mending fabric, and just in case, matching threads for both of our good sheet sets. I can’t say that I’m happy about the tear, or the repair, but the test will be how I feel next winter when I pull that sheet out again. This is one of my failings when it comes to frugal living: I really don’t like using “imperfect” things. Honestly, if the tear had been in a sheet that was not one of my favorites, it would have been moved into the working sheet/towel pile to be used as a drop cloth/dust cloth/whatever else cloth, or I would have made pillowcases or a smaller sheet for the guest bed out of the fabric. I guess those uses are all compatible with frugal living as well, but by repairing it I don’t have to go buy new sheets right now.


Posted April 5, 2010 by mayakey in frugal living, home

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