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I’m currently wrapping up a couple days of field work in Livingston, Montana. Usually field work involves either not eating, or eating pretty unhealthy and/or unremarkable food. But actually on this trip I have enjoyed some great meals. I suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised since Montana is, in my mind at least, the heart of buffalo ranching country, and I love buffalo meat. In general I hear/see a lot about various ranches in this state and the sustainable ranching methods that they practice; and it seems like much of the time that I see grass fed beef for sale, it is shipped from Montana. For quite some time now, in my mind Montana has been linked to environmental stewardship and conservation.

But back to the food! I arrived in Livingston on St. Patrick’s Day, so of course we went out to an … Italian restaurant, and a very nice one at that. I assumed that I couldn’t have the lamb (I suppose I should have asked, maybe it was hormone free lamb), so I enjoyed a tender pork tenderloin instead. I don’t think I’ve ever started any field work off with a fancy plate of food before. Lunch on Thursday was at Montana’s Rib and Chop House, which I remembered fondly from my last stint of field work in Livingston a few years ago. I was quite happy to bite into a juicy, and big, buffalo burger. (I have massive burger cravings now that I can’t go out for burgers anymore, so we went to Fuddruckers a couple of weeks ago, but their buffalo patty was really bad and I needed to wipe it out of my mind with the real thing!) At the end of the day, we settled on the Second Street Bistro for dinner and I was in heaven. All local meat including grass fed beef and lamb! Hurray! Quick, can I have Moroccan Lamb Pillows and Beef Stroganoff? Mmmmmmm. (Actually, it was really hard to pick an item from the menu.) I felt kind of silly ordering beef stroganoff at a fancy restaurant, but I had to celebrate ordering beef from a menu, and what better way than to order a childhood favorite? Besides, it turned out to be fancy beef stroganoff. Lunch on Friday was a quick sandwich and salad from Mustang Catering, another gourmet meal. I don’t ordinarily like mayo on my BLTs, but I certainly enjoyed a dried tomato aioli on this one. I topped off the trip with a microbrew at Neptune’s Brewery, the first place I have ever seen to make their potato chips out of purple potatoes.

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  1. …And now I’m hungry…

    We ordered some happy chicken, Michael is very excited.

    Carmela Chavez Liberman
  2. You made the food sound sooo good! Beef strganoff, I wonder if I can find dairy free sour cream somewhere and if it won’t curdle when heated.

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