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How much water do you drink every day? Is it enough? Sometime in the last year something changed for me so that I no longer feel like I am drinking enough water. So I searched around looking for guidelines of how much water a person should drink in a day. There are a number of different guidelines.

In terms of volume:

  • 8 cups
  • 2.7 liters (11.4 cups) for women over age 19
  • 1 cup/20 pounds body weight (something like 8.5-9.5 cups for me)
  • 12 cups, including liquid from foods

In terms of biometrics:

  • Enough to urinate 6 times over the course of the day
  • Enough for the urine to be light yellow
  • Enough that you don’t feel thirsty

But what do you do when these guidelines don’t intersect? I have over the years measured how much water I drink in a day and the measurements have varied from 7.5 to 12 to 26 cups (the 26 cups was one day in the summer). My current estimate (not measured) is up to 14 cups on an average day (at least 2 cups when I wake up, up to 1 cup driving to work, 5-6 large mugs of tea at work, half cup or so driving home, up to 4 cups in the evening). Yet I don’t regularly meet any of the biometric measures listed above. Aside from doing a better job of carrying my water bottle from room to room with me in the evenings, I don’t know that I could get any more liquids during my day. My physical body and my intuition are both telling me that I am not fully hydrated, though, and since summer’s hot weather is coming I really need to figure this one out soon.


Posted March 12, 2010 by mayakey in health

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